Thursday 14 March 2013

True love & happiness

You can marry a man for his wealth , but money will perish .

You can marry a man for his beauty , but beauty will fade away .

You can marry a man for his power , but power will be gone .

But if you marry a pious righteous man who fears Allah,

He will honor you , will be affectionate with you , and help you get closer to Allah , Your love story will last forever.

It will begin in this life , and will continue in the Hereafter , InsyaAllah.

His love for you will be your Jannah in Dunia and his satisfaction will be your key to InsyAllah Jannah in Akhirat .” 


  1. I am touch...kak nan..assalamualaikum...eee nak pegi umah akak ler..tgk bunga roa tuuu envy..

  2. thanks for your quote...just blog walking. salam kenal.